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Historical stats data for workers (csv/xls) (#78)

Proposal: To be able to generate and download (csv/xls) historical stats data of all the workers (as a whole/separately) for 1 month (or other) periods in time.

Reasoning: To be able to look at historical performance of miners at least 1 month back

  • not possible today (if I am not mistaken), only if you are able to code it using API and running its own server to collect and store it.

Benefit: Enabling user to see how the miners are performing on larger scale. For those of us, who has hosted miners without access to historical data from miner directly, to be able to see how they performed during the month before paying the hosting fees.

Cost: - Probably more server load (saving in DBs/managing DBs/Generating files etc), can be mitigated by allowing users to generate 1 month file only at the end of actual month, meaning once a month only. - And more space needed (saving historical data files for users on server), can be mitigated by allowing generating file and serving it for immediate download only, meaning no storing of files for users.

Thank you for reading and do not forget to vote :)

— jk288, 29 November 2014, 12:11

Comments & Updates

  • @gigabitfx: Getting the information from only gives you information about your entire account, not the individual workers. For example, I have 13 miners, it would be really nice to see which miners are underperforming and which ones are running great. You get status emails if they fail, but it is hard to see if they are always ~5% or so lower than the others without having more information.
    — sa007, 13 November 2017, 13:11
  • thats gr8 thing to share
    — stubborn, 08 March 2017, 15:03
  • Although not available directly here, you can obtain this information from you can export to xls, cvs, select date ranges etc.
    — gigabitfx, 02 December 2014, 21:12
  • This proposal is technically related to proposals #6 and #7 (about hash rate charts in history). Once the data are ready for one of them the rest is not difficult.
    — pmo, 29 November 2014, 12:11
  • Proposal state changed: Draft Approved
    29 November 2014, 12:11

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