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Automatic worker-name additions (#61)

Today, we have a system where you add a worker for a miner or a system, get the work and submit like usual. This could be problematic if you, like me, use many many miners and workers. This issue is solved on ghash by automatically accepting new workers on their name-additions. For me this would allow me to;

  • Add a miner, for instance antminer s3 by adding the mac-address to the end of my username, and therefore being able to find it in the rack/network quicker
  • Being able to deploy many new units without config on the web
  • Using simple setups to rapidly deploy new systems and being able to rename them without extra work.

So the simple benefits for most users is that they simply can not make a mistake on deleting a worker that can/could be used and typo's are more or less impossible.

My suggested restrictions would be;

  • Characters limited to A-Z and 0-9, no specials and no international characters
  • Only accepting the format: username.extension

Example workernames: miningboss.bc59f0c7d33c or perhaps myalias.craycluster

Please note that this is only a suggestion-draft and that additions, criticism and feedback are very welcome. Regardless if they are positive or negative. All additions will be added to this proposal. Thanks for reading.

— sa3bib, 13 January 2016, 08:01

Comments & Updates

  • Proposal state changed: Approved Released
    13 January 2016, 08:01
  • The current solution with [auto] worker deals with an invalid name. This proposal goes even further. It eliminates the manual creation of workers. At the same time it still allows to distinguish among them. We'll definitely implement this since it has huge user support and the proposal makes perfect sense.
    — pmo, 11 December 2014, 12:12
  • A small addition. There is now possible to mine with anything after your username. The workername is not added as a new worker like on but instead is showing up under "[Auto]" as a workername. This might even be better than originally proposed. But if you have 3 workers under the auto suffix, you will only have one device/unit reported. Now atleast there will be no (or atleast much less) problems with wrong workernames and passwords.
    — sa3bib, 11 December 2014, 10:12
  • We started to analyze how difficult it is to implement this proposal in our current infrastructure. It seems that it should not be so complex.
    — pmo, 09 December 2014, 15:12
  • Proposal state changed: Draft Approved
    24 November 2014, 14:11

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