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I think the dashboard should have the exchange amounts in brackets right above the BTC amount Readouts just so if we're curious, we can see it at a glance at the current exchange rate for our currency. That way we would have to keep going to Settings and Changing the display type every time we wanna take a peek without overloading the servers. Plus in the Rewards Section, there also should be a bracket for Currency Exchange rate... There is room, current screens are now in 1080pat 20+ inches... im on 32" monitor... and I have about 2" on either side of the page with no infos whatsoever... Last note Is there any indication that someone could build an Android and iPhone App for your site? It should be fairly easy to turn this site into a mobile friendly App for the Hashers. I know they would use it.

— bloomspc, 13 November 2017, 14:11

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    Hello, thank you for your proposal. Since it is meaningful for our operation and our customers voted for it we have decided to implement it. It is up and running now. Enjoy it and do not hesitate to add new proposals which you consider interesting.
    13 November 2017, 14:11

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