Slush Pool version 3 public beta launched!
Voting Conclusion - Mining Classic Blocks (#537)


I would like to put forth a motion to conclude the voting released to choose support between Classic and Core. The purpose of this is to allow the users that voted for Core to continue mining Core blocks, the users that voted for Classic to continue mining Classic blocks, and to dedicate all the hashing power for users the did not vote or voted not to care to mine Classic Blocks as the vote for Classic is higher than that of Core's. However, users will continue to have the option to vote between Classic, Core and BIP100 in order to switch according to their preference but removing the other options. This will effectively make Slush's Pool a majority Classic Mining Pool as well as the only pool to be truly democratic.

We all know the benefits and importance of increasing the block size. It's important to note that to maintain progress, one must maintain respect of other's opinions and discuss issues openly as well as democratically put things to a vote.

Thank you to everyone that voted regardless of choice. To those that didn't vote, that is your choice and it is acceptable.

— yemira, 05 April 2016, 08:04

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  • Proposal state changed: Approved Released
    05 April 2016, 08:04
  • i voted for this but i suggest a slight amendment, the unvoted hash power is split based on the proportion of classic to core. However I think this is what slush0 is planing on doing. Just defaulting to classic is no better than whats happening right now so I would not see this as an improvement.
    — lucky7, 03 April 2016, 03:04
  • undecided should be split in proportion to the vote. If core is leading then do you suggest the default should be core?
    — lucky7, 03 April 2016, 00:04
  • Vaki, that is a valid question, however this is not the place to ask it. Look in the help center instead.
    — Architect, 25 March 2016, 15:03
  • Can someone to explane me how to i come in youre group and make some bitcoin maybe one hah, maybe for someone is this funny but i from couple a days i buy machine with 4.7TH/s, please explane :D
    — Vaki, 22 March 2016, 19:03
  • Thanks for the support guys. Lets spread the word. I did announce it on reddit and my youtube channel (yemira). Thank you.
    — yemira, 17 March 2016, 20:03
  • Thanks for the support guys. Lets spread the word. I did announce it on reddit and my youtube channel (yemira). Thank you.
    — yemira, 17 March 2016, 20:03
  • Sounds like a plan. Lets do it!
    — Architect, 17 March 2016, 19:03
  • Well put. It's worth a try. I hope we don't get attacked again. That sucked.
    — spaz122772, 17 March 2016, 03:03
  • Proposal state changed: Draft Approved
    16 March 2016, 10:03

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