Slush Pool version 3 public beta launched!
Support Trezor, Ubikey for Sensitive Account Changes (#429)

It would be valuable to have support for Trezor and/or Ubikey as 2nd factor authentication for sensitive changes (only) such as wallet address and email. They should not be required (except perhaps as a user selectable option) for basic login, dashboard, etc., as this could become needlessly cumbersome in some situations.

— rwizard, 10 October 2016, 12:10

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  • Proposal state changed: Draft Released
    Thank you for your proposal. Since it is meaningful for our operation and our customers voted for it we have decided to implement it. It is up and running now. Enjoy it and do not hesitate to add new proposals which you consider interesting. Slush Pool Support
    10 October 2016, 12:10

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