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My Account->rewards tab: Add block number and show processing blocks (#37)

Can you please add the block number to this page like it is on the pool statistics->block history one. Also the block history one shows processing blocks but nothing on the my account area seems to show them. They don't even show on the chart on the dashboard until done processing which can take 20+ minutes at times.

— FUBAR-BDHR, 19 November 2014, 10:11

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  • mohamed81
    — Mohamed81, 01 April 2017, 15:04
  • 3 Blocks show Processing here also. What Happned?
    — sunshineflyer88, 28 November 2016, 16:11
  • Agreed "Block #" is more useful.
    — cheako, 25 November 2014, 21:11
  • Block ID does not seem as useful as blockchain number for quick "at a glance" information.
    — flerpie, 23 November 2014, 07:11
  • Proposal state changed: Draft Approved
    19 November 2014, 10:11

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