Slush Pool version 3 public beta launched!
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Reward System: Hybrid PPS (#10)

Summary of PPS:

  • You get paid for each submitted share accepted by the pool regardless when or if the pool finds a block.
  • If pool finds less blocks than statistically expected, the pool operator pays the rewards from its pocket.
  • If pool finds more blocks than statistically expected, the pool operator takes the extra profit.
  • All the risk is on pool operator's side, because users always get money for what they submitted.

Motivation for Hybrid PPS, explanation:

  • While PPS is really simple and understandable reward system it is too risky for smaller pools. The probability of loosing too much and being forced to close the pool is too high.
  • One option how to manage the risk is to put pool fee up (this was the case for some pools in history) - We don't want to go this way.
  • Second option is to pay let's say 85% of shares immediately by PPS system and for the rest use current system: continuous scoring.
  • ... TBD: Describe money buffer for the second stage.


  • Most of the shares will be paid as PPS, immediately and with no user risk.
  • All blocks would be paid to users fully even for fast rounds.
  • The risk of pool bankruptcy will stay low.
  • Pool fee will stay low.
— pmo, 12 November 2014, 12:11

Comments & Updates

  • I think the current reward system is the best. It is the most fair, the most resistent against cheating and the most interesting.
    — AcutakeUser, 08 January 2018, 15:01
  • Great idea if someone could figure out how to change to PPS
    — eServiZes, 02 January 2018, 13:01
  • but how i can choose this reward system if i want to start mining
    — mrblbl, 08 August 2017, 11:08
  • i hope it will works, better
    — nourdean, 16 June 2017, 01:06
  • no penalty for moonlighting
    — Thoomas, 26 May 2017, 12:05
  • I like the idea. My machines are not on all the time, and this would make it more worthwhile to contribute to the pool more often.
    — Architect, 15 April 2016, 16:04
  • Proposal merged with #548
    14 April 2016, 17:04
  • Proposal merged with #536
    14 April 2016, 16:04
  • I like the idea. My miners are solar powered and only run during daylight hours. With the existing payment system I earn 25% less than I do at PPS pools where I am paid for actual contribution when miners are running.
    — Conrad_Pearson, 09 April 2016, 15:04
  • Like the second option on the second summary. It balances the risk with the pool and miners. The risk falls on the miners most of the time & the pool statistical would break even or greater, while the miners could get paid much more quickly.
    — emericachocolate, 13 August 2015, 03:08
  • Rejects more share, not block, sorry...
    — Herv12, 10 June 2015, 20:06
  • Good Idea, but it can be useful that we can chose between payments systems. If you look the current biggest pool, it's a pps payment mode with 4% (theorical because it's rejects more block than slush's pool, in reality fee are about 5.4% on my miners....) I think the best solution is to have a select box to choose payment option (for exemple PPS with 6% fees, pplns with fee 2.5%... Score with fee 2% ...). So every miners can choose his prefered payment system but work's on slush pool who have a good reliability and is very efficient. I think Slush have the best dashboard and a good pool, but score payment mode satisfies only the bitcoin purists, the others miners goes elsewhere ... And the purist are not many! Thank you
    — Herv12, 10 June 2015, 20:06
  • the score system sets slush apart from the other pools, sence its what makes slush pool slush pool i doubt its going to change, i vehemently disprove this but no votes
    — mer2329, 29 March 2015, 05:03
  • makes sense lets keep this site going and also make cash too its a win win for both
    — bruceforbes, 07 January 2015, 05:01
  • hope that helps if not let me know
    — TheDantee, 03 January 2015, 15:01
  • i voted 100 points!
    — TheDantee, 03 January 2015, 15:01
  • Ditto I like the way it stands now.
    — acasero, 25 November 2014, 00:11
  • I also like it the way it is
    — kkurtmann, 18 November 2014, 06:11
  • I like it just the way it is.
    — flerpie, 18 November 2014, 01:11
  • Proposal state changed: Draft Approved
    12 November 2014, 12:11

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