Rewards & Payouts

1. What is the estimated / unconfirmed / confirmed reward?

2. How does the payout process work?

  1. Mining

    For optimal performance keep mining 24/7. See following article to know how to set up mining in Slush's pool.

  2. Expected reward

    You can use online calculator to determine how much can be made with your mining hardware. Just insert hash rate of your miner and get your approximate reward.

  3. Reward

    See the question above and the following article

  4. Reach payout threshold and get your money

    Your confirmed balance is sent to you once it crosses the Send threshold. For detailed explanation see following article.

3. How much will I make with my hash rate?

See the following article

4. What is Score Based reward system?

Every user receives a reward proportional to his participation in the pool's mining power. If your scoring hash rate is 1% of the whole pool, you receive 1% of the block reward. If you own 0.031% of hash rate, you receive 0.031% of rewards. It is that simple.

If you are interested in deep explanation and the math behind this concept feel free to read following article

5. What value should I set as a “payout threshold”?

All that it comes to is really finding a sweet spot between short payout period or bigger amounts.

That said, you should decide for yourself based on how often you want to get your rewards and the speed at which you are able to mine such amount of BTC.

The minimum value is 1 mBTC. Just keep in mind that additional fee of 0.1 mBTC applies to payouts below 10 mBTC.